Nate Herman
Warren Leming
Manager: Ron Oberman
Road Manager: Deacon Ray Ward
MC: Bob Rudnick    
Andy Haban
Tom Haban

We salute these brave men who played with the Road- and lived:

Jim Fisher
Late of Second City Chicago - and a pilot --1972/73, actor, screenwriter, director, improv guru, a man of infinite jest
Stuart Klawans
Pianist for Christmas Commercial...a Road play directed by Bob Falls at the St. Nicholas theater, Chicago- later film critic for the Nation magazine.1970's
Ric Mann
Guitar and steel guitar--ex member of The Flock- had a long history as a professional- did the superb steel guitar on Reno (see Road archive.) 1970's
Rawl Hardman
Sax, did Road back up and a stellar performer--Did Rivenia, Chicago, and many Chicago venues. Continues to arrange and play in the Chicago area
Bob Hoban
Fiddle- wound up backing in Nashville, with Rodney Carrington, also piano with the Road. Worked with Vassar Clements and many a legend.


Ricky and the Balloons were the legendary opening act for Wilderness Road at the Del Vino Lounge, famed as a trysting place for Cicero-Berwyns is their story!

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Wilderness Road Signs...Classic Road Audio

In Memoriam...

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The Blues Scholars behind John Sinclair -- Cnicago - featuring Jimmy Tomasello, Warren Leming, John Sinclair --drummer unidentified -- at the Puppet Place on Halsted....late 70's or early 80's.

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This is the very last Wilderness Road line up...1971-1972
Left to right: Jim Fisher, Tom Haban, Ric Mann, Andy Haban, Warren Leming

Updated 2018-09-07

Heartland Cafe Benefit 2018, Warren Leming left on banjo Nate Herman right on guitar

CHICAGO AUG. 1968, Tom Haban (Wilderness Road drummer), furthest right at door handle....3rd from the left, Mike James (Rising Up Angry)

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Check out this Road audio recording written and arrainged by Lou Hennsley,
an early member of the Road.
Warren Leming in London

Updated 2013-10-14
This is a link to a few reviews of 1st album, self-titled "Wilderness Road"

One review:
This record is like a cowboy comic book, telling the story of a guy who killed a man because he "had the right." There's some old-time religion thrown in, as well as some medicine-show. The album cover is listed in several collections as one of the top covers of all time. The early seventies vibe might put you off, but it's a melodious joy, even now. It's more fun than Gunsmoke reruns.

This is a link to a few reviews of the 2nd album "Sold for the Prevention of Disease Only"

One review:
Wilderness Road was something of a legend in Chicago in the late 60s and early 70s. I saw them at clubs and on the Northwestern campus a few times. They were ahead of their time in mixing good musicianship with really biting parody, much of it political. All these years later I can still remember much of this album-- commercials by Ricky and the Balloons for "Mouth Jive" (spread it on and watch your body come alive!), and a routine called "The Gospel Hour," featuring a really nifty song called "What Key Does The Good Lord SIng In?" As I recall, Warren Leming was a former member of Second City, so the satire made sense, but I don't think the record company and the public knew what to make of the band. This was their high point. It's very much worthy of a listen when located-- I'm going to dig out my copy and spin it soon, and not just for reasons of nostalgia...

Updated 2013-02-16
Heres a link to some Road music- and an interview with Russell Jacoby. If you go to the site click at the top of the page on "online festival site" and the doc. should be there.

Updated 2010-03-21
Checkout these new discovered pics of the Road hard at work...

Updated 2009-12-15
Check out this Road audio recording written and arrainged by Lou Hennsley, an early member of the Road.
Mistletoe and Holly - 320K
Mistletoe and Holly - 128K

Updated 2009-12-10
Madison, Wisconsin's Daily Page is a fine newspaper midst a progressive community. Here's writer Bob Koch's piece on the Road from a recent issue.

Two friends of Wilderness Road are working on a documentary film based on the American Road.
Their website is located at:

June 1972 performance of Dr. Morpho's Revenge, Bounty Man, Rock Garden, Bob Jesus Ford, Reno, The Cuckoo Bird at Provo Park in Berkeley California. Wilderness Road completed its last tour of the States in 1972, with a free performance at Provo Park in Berkeley, Calif. just as the anti-War, communalist Hippie culture was ending. This is the only complete tape of the bands stage performance.
Now available for consumption on


Darrel Mullins is a fine picker,singer, and lawyer from Pikeville, Kentucky, ... Heres his article about his adventures with the Road, recently published in ME/Music Entertainment (magazine.)

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Snux Comix
Wilderness Road and the underground artist Skip Williamson created Snuk Comix round 1970. Nate Herman contributed a page of his own art plus copy and Warren Leming wrote copy for the book. Joel Landy printed, and the booklet was then distribued at Road Shows. Skip Williamson had done a show of his work at the Wise Fools Pub, on Chicago's Lincoln Ave.-. The Wise Fools remained the Road's venue for years. Snuk Comix are now a collectors item-.We've got three originals in the archive. For more on Flippy Skippy Williamson try
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