I looked with amusement at the submission from "bert cummings" as everyone knows that he was the lead singer for the "Guess Who?". Most people were also aware that "Wilderness Road" and the "Guess Who?" were both produced by Jack Richardson, a multi-platinum producer whose later credits included "Night Moves" for Bob Seeger, cuts for Pink Floyd, and whose partner Bob Ezrind was responsible for the likes of Alice Cooper and Aerosmith.
Our production schedules for the two Road albums were: 6 days a week, noon to midnight for 8 weeks. During that time Jack shared many stories about the "Guess Who?" and I have heard from those who know Cummings that he also was familiar with the Road through Jack.
The problem with all of this is that Burton Cummings is unlikely to mis-spell his first name. So you had me there for, as jack would say, "6 tenths of a nano second".
Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and reminiscences. We were just 4 guys with instruments, a love of music, a mistrust of phonies and a desire to avoid working a real job for as long as we could. I am amazed and grateful when I realize how many lives we touched, and how many people still remember after all these years. Write anytime at tomhaban@hotmail.com.

Tom Haban

Here is a shot of Wilderness Road drummer Tom Haban, with his son. A new addition to the Road Crew.